Working for SCHHS

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service currently employs more than 4500 people on the Sunshine Coast. The health service is already one of the largest employers on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Hospital Health Service provides a work environment that is safe, satisfying, flexible and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Your skills can help us shape the future of healthcare in this region. Select a topic below to find out more about the benefits of working for the health service.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) vacancies

Competitive salary and employee benefits

Salary packaging

Salary packaging (also known as 'salary sacrifice') allows eligible employees to pay for expenses with money from their salary before tax is taken out.  By reducing your pre-tax income, you reduce the amount of income tax you pay, and therefore increase the amount of pay you take home each fortnight.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service employees have access to a salary packaging option that allows them to:

  • pay everyday expenses with money from your salary before tax is taken out,
  • save tax on every pay,
  • have more money to spend on things you want.

Eligible health service employees may able to sacrifice expenses including:

Salary packaging FAQs:

Are you eligible to salary sacrifice?
Are you eligible to access the public hospitals FBT exemption cap?

RemServ is responsible for the management of salary sacrificing arrangements for health service employees.

Fringe Benefit Tax exemption

Employees in the health sector who are eligible for the Fringe Benefits Tax exemption cap are able salary package the widest variety of benefits. This is a way for staff within health services to be rewarded for the important services they provide.


QSuper is the superannuation fund for Queensland Government employees.  It is compulsory for all employees to make contributions to the QSuper superannuation scheme.

Personal contributions will automatically be set at the standard rate of five per cent upon commencement with Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, however this can be varied between two and five per cent, which may be salary sacrificed.  The health service will contribute 7.75 per cent on top of your individual contribution, as outlined below.

Employee pays Queensland health pays Total contribution
2% 9.75% 11.75%
3% 10.75% 13.75%
4% 11.75% 15.75%
5% 12.75% 17.75%

Full details on superannuation can be found at the QSuper website.

Learning and development opportunities

We promote personal and professional development, and with the commissioning of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in November 2016, it offers great opportunity for career advancement and diversification.

Clinical training

At Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service a range of ongoing clinical training occurs for nursing, medical and allied health staff. Graduate clinical education is also supported across clinical streams with graduate placement in medicine, mental health, nursing and midwifery, medical imaging, pharmacy and allied health. Education for undergraduates and post graduate students is provided collaboratively with other education providers.

Our Practice Development Model for nursing and midwifery education service delivery has demonstrated success across a range of outcomes. The model has been recognised at state, national and international levels as providing an example of leadership in learning culture development.

The success of the model within the  health service nursing and midwifery has led to progressing discussions and exploring opportunities for adaptation of the framework across all disciplines. The model will support the transition to a tertiary training facility and underpin a contemporary interdisciplinary education service.

Simulation based learning

Simulation-based learning is utilised at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service as a vehicle for clinical training and development. Simulation units are located at Nambour, Gympie and Caloundra hospitals.

The Commedia dell’Arte simulation centre at Nambour General Hospital is a multi-purpose scenario-based learning facility providing simulation with a focus on delivering learning opportunities and procedural based and clinical communication education.

Graduate program

The Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Graduate Program is a 12-month full-time program. Graduates will undertake diverse rotations and may have the opportunity to apply for permanent vacancies.

As a graduate with the health service, you may contribute to the development and implementation of health programs; conduct research and analysis; or prepare documents which will be used to develop health policies moving forward. You will play a meaningful role in serving the public within  our communities.

Career progression opportunities

Join a progressive health service on the cusp of a once-in-a-generation expansion.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital will open in 2017 with 450 beds and capacity to grow to more than 738 beds. This increased service capacity and the presence of an innovative research arm (Sunshine Coast Health Institute) will allow our staff to expand their horizons, progress their careers and make a real difference in the way health care is delivered in the region. We’re looking for staff with the passion and drive to deliver patient-centred care. Committed, innovative, courageous team players will be able to build a satisfying and challenging career with Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

Staff health, wellbeing and fitness


The Health4Life program has been designed specifically for Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (SCHHS) employees.

It aims to develop a workplace culture and environment that supports healthy lifestyle behaviours, and motivates SCHHS employees to maintain good health and wellbeing.

There is a broad range of Health4Life activities and services on offer for SCHHS employees.

Fitness Passport

Fitness Passport is part of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service's Health4Life - Staff health, wellbeing and fitness program.

Fitness Passport is a corporate health and fitness program that allows members to access a wide range of local health and fitness suppliers. Fitness Passport allows SCHHS staff to visit gyms and pools in the region, as often as you like, using your Fitness Passport card!

The purpose is to inspire a greater number of employees to exercise regularly by delivering a program that represents excellent value and provides plenty of variety.

Corporate partners offering advantages through Wishlist

Through the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation, Wishlist, staff are able to take advantage of offers from corporate partners within Wishlist’s Alliance Program.

Staff are offered tailor-made products or services specifically designed for staff through Wishlist’s corporate partners.

For more information on Wishlist corporate partners and the advantages available to SCHHS staff please visit the Wishlist webpage.

Strong leadership and strategic direction

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service  is governed by the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Board. The Board works with the health service’s Executive Leadership Team to set the strategic direction for the health service.  The Board is committed to improving the health of the community by enabling:

  • innovation, flexibility and value for money
  • engagement with community and staff
  • partnerships and collaboration
  • initiatives contributing to research, learning and teaching.

The Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service - Strategic Plan 2013-2017 sets out five interrelated objectives to deliver on our vision of Health and wellbeing through exceptional care.